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We are believers. And we always believe that information is knowledge and that knowledge is power and it’s the emotional and psychological power that will set you free from the violent ghosts that haunt you. By sharing our stories we help other people and other victims of domestic violence and sexual assault get free from the chains who hold them back and we help them move towards a better and a more beautiful future because together we can.

Please take a moment and share with us here your story and how that affected your life or how it altered and formed the person you are today. Your story may help other women in distress and this is invaluable. 

Your story will be treated with the utmost respect and in full confidentiality. You may want to use your real name and this is entirely up to you and we will support you on this or you may choose to say your story under a different name or nickname. In case you choose to use your real name you may also want to use your own photo; this is entirely up to you to decide. For validity and verification purposes your story will not be uploaded immediately. It will instead come to our team for screening and then it will be uploaded from our team. It is advisable if you leave us a phone number or an email address we can contact you in case we have any questions. Any private data you share with us will be in line with GDPR regulations.

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United We Can Make It


    “I say No More because, when I was 22 my choice was taken from me. A year out of college, back home, and in a place I felt safe~ A guy who was a friend of others at the party took

     advantage of my body three times that night. I say No More because I woke up, face down, and couldn’t scream. I was caged in my own skin~ screaming, but no words were released. Drugged? High possibility. I went to sleep and woke up a different person that Saturday morning in April 2016. I was so confused and angry at the world. I blamed 

    myself. I turned the case to the police and turned in names of potential abusers, luckily, he confessed. But what I thought would make it easier to know~ made the next 21 months a roller coaster of seeking counseling, hospital treatments and checkups, Trusting God with this obstacle and where he wants to use this in my life. My abuser served 3 months in jail with 10 years on the list. The day of sentencing I forgave him on the stand, and that letter and moment~ is one I am glad I did. #GodisGood (Evil will run your life if you allow it to consume your thoughts, words, and actions) and I was not going to let that happen. He stole my choice, but he did NOT steal my life. Advice: Talk to someone. Does Not have to be the police, there is comfort in knowing you are no alone & you may be surprised who in your life has been through a sexual assault. Stand up & speak NO MORE ♥”

    “I survived rape twice. I say NO MORE because it’s time to find my voice and shine the healing light on the courageous survivors. I say NO MORE to excuses made for perpetrators. NO MORE to being shamed into silence. NO MORE to the injustice done to rape victims by not addressing the issue of “back logged rape kits.” Unacceptable!”

    STILL, I RISE, Share Your Story

    “I say no more because domestic violence is like a virus. It spreads and infects those around it. I witnessed domestic violence growing up and saw those around me stay quiet. So, when I got my first black eye in 2006 after 3 years with my abuser I stayed quiet and I went back. When I finally left in 2017 after nearly losing my life, those around me stayed quiet while I had to leave everything I worked my entire life for to survive. I had to fight for my children in court with hardly any money as he held all my belongings, my car, my house and assets hostage for almost two years. I say no more because I want to be part of the cure. I say no more because no one should fear for their life physically, financially, or psychologically. I say no more because marriage or a relationship commitment does not give a person the right to sex, control over finances, or freedom to physically assault their partner. I say no more because we have to be better for our children and our grandchildren or the virus will continue to spread silently affecting our families, our communities, and our world.”